Meat processing machine

Meat processing Solutions

Here is the most suitable solution for meat processing. We provide a full range of sausage maker , meatball , ham sausage etc machine.

Automatic Packaging machine

Automatic Packaging Solutions

There are all kinds of automatic packaging machines and solutions, including sausage packaging machine.

automatic equipment

Automatic equipment

There are full automatic equipment, including automatic robots, production lines, custom equipment and so on.

  • comstomer bill

    Australian machinery trader – Bill

    As an excellent mechanical engineer, Bill is very satisfied with the quality of our machines. He is currently engaged in the trading of meat machinery in the Australian market and purchasing machinery from well-known [...]

  • American customers

    American customers – Customized sausage maker

    Customers from the United States, their products are special, need to use a special custom sausage maker equipment.

  • 05, 2018 South African customer South African customer South African customer

    South African customer

    Due to the limited exhibition time in 2018, we did not ship the machines, but these customers are still very interested in our equipment.We decided to make sure that the machines would be delivered [...]

  • South African meat show

    South African meat exhibition

    We attended the 2018 meat exhibition in South Africa, visited a number of local meat producers.Every year we show in South Africa.Welcome to communicate with us.

  • Shuanghui Group

    Shuanghui Group cooperation began

    Shuanghui Group Shuanghui is China's largest meat processing base.  Shuanghui across the country's 18 provinces (municipalities) with 30 modern meat processing base and supporting industries, and formed the feed, breeding, slaughtering, meat processing, new [...]

  • sunner group

    China’s largest slaughterhouse company has cooperated with us

    FUJIAN SUNNER GROUP Founded in 1983, Sunner group focuses on the production of white feather broiler for 36 years. Headquartered in guangshi county, nanping city, fujian province, shengnong group is a completely closed enterprise of [...]

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Aokai Machinery Co., Ltd is the most advanced Chinese sausage machine manufacturers, occupy 80% market share of all China.

Mr. Lee, China News Report

A.k. machine is the most efficient, cost-effective and quality-guaranteed product in China. After using data feedback, we can guarantee the reliability of these products.

Mr. Wan, Shuanghui Gronp

We produce 100 tons of sausage a day, all produced by A.k. machines.

Mr. Wang, Qihui Group