Electric Sausage Tying Machine

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Electric Sausage Tying Machine

Automatic knotting with thread to achieve segmentation of sausages, and the length of each sausage could be the same.

 sausage bundling machine

tying machine sausage

sausage bundling machine

Characteristic and features:

1. Using electronic cam curve control system, product length, diameter, production speed and number of coils can be adjusted arbitrarily;

2. Using a 4.3-inch touch screen, various parameters can be set independently on the touch screen;

3. Adapt to casings: natural casings, collagen casings, composite film casings, etc;

4. Made of SUS304 stainless steel, small machine easy operation but high effeiciency.


Technical paremeters:

ModelPower(kw)Capacity    (knots/min)Weight    (kg)Sausage diameter (mm)Sausage Length scope(mm)Dimension (mm)
AK8074.25kw 380v8003109~2620-5001135*960*1165
AK807F4.25kw 380v8003109~4020-5001135*960*1165

-- Working efficiency 20-800 knots/min

--Adapt to product length: 20-180mm

-- Servo motor: Inovance

-- High accuracy: length error 2mm/100mm;

--Saving casing: the product with a length of 125mm and a weight of 38g saves about 600 meters/ton of casing; a product with a length of 50mm and a weight of 10g saves about 1600 meters/to

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tying machine sausagesausage bundling machine

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sausage knot tying machine
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tying machine sausage

Sausage knotting machine is using servo control system, the product length, diameter,production speed and numbers of tying coils could be adjust on the display.

Tying machine is applicable for natural casing, collagen casing, cellulose casing, etc.

High precision and save casing, length error: ±2mm/100mm.

Saving casing.