Automatic Sausage Vacuum Filler Machine

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Automatic Sausage Vacuum Filler Machine

sausage machine automatic


The vacuum filling machine is a filling function equipment driven by a servo motor, which can be used with downstream equipment to realize the functions of quantitative filling, portioning, feeding and conveying of materials in food (meat products, dairy products, baking, flour products, seafood, catering accessories), chemicals, toys, medicine industry, especially one of the indispensable processing equipment in the sausage manufacturing industry.

Characteristic and Features:

1. In the vacuum state, the functions of filling, portioning, filling and forming are completed by the inner cam vane pump;

2. Effectively prevent fat oxidation, protein hydrolysis, fiber damage, filling heating and other problems, effectively ensure that the end product has no air, high density, good structure and mellow taste;

3. The machine can be connected with high-speed twisting machine, tying machine and clipper machine, and can be filled and divided separately;

4. Suitable for many kinds of casing: natural casing, collagen casing, cellulose casing and plastic casing, etc.;

5. With quantitative function: quantitative range 5g~10000g, quantitative accuracy (mild product ±1.5g/100g, block product ±2g/100g);

6. The motor, reducer, vacuum pump and electrical components are all domestic and foreign famous brand products, with high stability;

7. Made of SUS304 stainless steel and alloy stainless steel.



-- Electrical appliances: Schneider low-voltage electrical, Inovance motion controller, etc.;

-- Motor: Inovance bus servo;

--Vacuum pump: Zhongde V0025C (24m³/h);

machine to make sausage

sausage equipment

Product Parameter
Model AK-3200T
Dimension (mm)


Voltage 380V
Power 4.75kw
Max directly filling capacity (kg/h)3000
Weight (kg)980


Our equipments can make all kinds of sausages:
Dried sausage/Fried sausage/Homemade sausage/French sausage/Flavor sausage/Salami/Ham/Hot dog/Liver Sausage/ Rice Sausage/Cuttlefish Sausage/Grilled sausage and so on.

sausage machine automatic


machine to make sausage



sausage machine automatic

machine to make sausage


 sausage equipment


sausage machine automatic


machine to make sausage

Sausage vacuum filler is suitable for quantitative filling, portioning and conveying functions of sausage, ham, ultra-light clay, colloid and other fluids and semi-fluid, paste, mash, and organized blocks.

Vacuum stuffer is applicable for varieties of casing: natural casing, collagen casing, cellulose casing and plastic casing, etc.

Quantitative range: 5~10000g.

Quantitative accuracy: ±1g/100g.

Vacuum filler can used with clipper machine, twisting machine and tying machine.