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What are the characteristics of the vacuum filling machine?

2022-09-19 11:42

There are currently two types of commercial enema machines on the market: hydraulic enema machines and vacuum enema machines. Among them, the hydraulic enema machine includes a vertical hydraulic enema machine and a horizontal hydraulic enema machine.

Sausage Making Machines


Hydraulic enema machines are commonly used for filling sausages, harbin sausages, powdered sausages and other sausage products. It is suitable for filling various casings such as animal casings, protein casings and plastic casings.


Vacuum enema machines are usually used to process products that require high precision, such as fillings for Taiwanese grilled sausages, sausages and some surimi sausages. The vacuum device reduces the generation of air bubbles and the filled intestines are more delicate.


Features of vacuum enema machine:

(1) All made of stainless steel material, which increases the reliability and stability of the equipment, and is hygienic and easy to clean.

(2) The pump body, rotor, inner stator, vane, main shaft and other key parts of this machine are all manufactured by the machining center, which ensures the manufacturing accuracy and interchangeability of the parts, and adopts a special heat treatment process, which has good processing performance . Finish and abrasion resistance.

(3) The machine is controlled by inverter and PLC computer. It is a new type of industrial automatic control equipment that integrates automation technology, computer technology and communication technology.


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