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Instructions for use of vacuum filling machine

2022-09-19 12:00

The working principle of the vacuum filling machine: the vacuum stuffer completes the charging process in a vacuum, effectively preventing oil oxidation, avoiding protein hydrolysis, reducing bacterial survival, product shelf life and product color bright, pure taste. Vacuum filler is the most important and popular equipment for domestic and foreign meat manufacturer.


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Instructions for use of vacuum filling machine


1 ► The machine should be placed stably, the electrical system should be grounded reliably, the wiring should be securely connected, and regular maintenance should be carried out.


2 ► The spindle should be filled with butter once every half a month until it is full. Those who work more than 15 hours a day should refuel once a week.


3 ► Turn off the power of the whole machine before troubleshooting, maintenance or cleaning work. Do not allow water to enter the electrical parts.


4 ► Press the touch screen with your finger, touch any position, enter the selection screen, touch the selection operation screen, turn on the power, turn on the vacuum pump, and click the run button to start filling.


5 ► Ensure that the rotation direction of the vacuum pump is correct; the lubricating oil of the vacuum pump should be replaced every 500 hours of operation, and the oil change period should be shortened when there is a lot of dust. The lubricating oil should be vacuum pump oil or the same grade lubricating oil.


6 ► Regularly check the oil level of the vacuum pump and the filter element of the oil and gas separator according to the frequency of use of the equipment, and replace the lubricating oil and clean the filter element in time if necessary. When refueling, the oil level should reach 3/4 of the oil mark; when the pump is running, the oil level should not be lower than 1/4 of the oil mark.

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