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Project Description

sausage filling machine + linker +hanger

Sausage twisting machine and hanger

This is one of the most expensive sausage filling machines. Of course, it is the most convenient and labour-saving machine of its kind.

This is a very high-end sausage making machine. In addition to the sausage tying machine, in the field of automation, this machine is the most popular.

Sausage casings

Suitable for protein casings and plastic casings only, not for animal casings.

Video in detail

The machine of this video is AK6200 sausage stuffer + sausage twisting machine + sausage hanger machine.

Twisting machine features

twisting +hanger

  • The speed is adjustable.
  • Suitable for protein casing, plastic casing, with reliable length control function;
  • With automatic casing detection system, automatically stop when there is no casing;
  • Kinker automatic turnover system;
  • The machine is waterproof and easy to clean. 

Hanger machine features

  • The structure of the machine is simple, so the failure rate is low, convenient maintenance. In addition, it can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce labour intensity.

  • The machine is controlled by PLC and driven by the servo motor. It is a new type of industrial automation equipment integrating automation technology, computer technology and communication technology.


Twisting machine

  • speed:1600 knot/min
  • Twisting length :30-280mm
  • plastic casings:30-38mm
  • Protein casing: 16-24mm。
  • power:3.8KW 380V 50Hz
  • Air pressure:0.5~0.7Mpa。
  • External size:1450×620×1400mm

hanger machine

  • Working height: 1000 mm.
  • Production speed: 1200 pieces/min
  • Power: 2Kw, 220V, 50Hz.
  • The scope of application: natural, collagen and artificial casing sausage.
  • External dimension: 2600X450X1130 (mm)
  • Weight: 150 kg.

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