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Project Description

meat grinder

Meat mincer Function

The main function of meat mincer is to grind meat. The use of a variety of raw meat can eliminate the raw meat types, soft and hard, fibre thickness of different defects, to ensure the evenness of meat stuffing.

Using range

It is common equipment for making sausage, burger patties, meatballs and other products. It is suitable for processing boneless chicken, pork, beef and other meat products.

Video– Meat mincer working principle

The meat grinder on display at this video is model 120 meat grinder.  Most factories won’t use this 250 model

Performance feature

Machine mechanism. Adopt integral welding structure, so it is very firm and has shockproof and low noise effect.

Technical stability. The mincer adopts simplified design and physical control switch, so it won’t break down.

Safety protection. The insulator grade is high, the anti-electricity effect is very good.

Maintenance convenience. only one place of the sieve plate at the discharge port needs to be replaced and installed, which is very simple.

Operation convenience. referring to the video, feeding is very simple, can be matched with automatic feeding and feeding production line.

Grinder tool

Main parameters

Sieve plate hole: φ4、φ6、φ8、φ10、φ12、φ16、φ25、φ30

Production capacity:2000~4000kg/h

Motor power: 37kw

Host size: 250mm

Weight: 1500kg

Meat temperature: – 4 ℃ – 12 ℃ (fresh meat no temperature)

Dimension: 1850*1100*1700mm

Recommend production line equipment: meat processing machine

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