Meat grinder machine JR130

//Meat grinder machine JR130
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Project Description

meat grinder machine

Meat grinder machine intro

This machine can process frozen and fresh meat into small particles (usually between 2mm and 9mm). The processing size can be adjusted.


Sieve plate hole: φ4、φ6、φ8、φ10、φ12、φ16、φ25、φ30
Production capacity: 1000~2000 Kg/h
Motor power: 11kw
Host size: 1350×750×1150
Weight: 600Kg
Meat temperature: – 4 ℃ – 12 ℃ (fresh meat no temperature limit)

Video display

Features and Advantage

  • SUS304 stainless steel. According to the international most advanced product standard design, the machine fuselage USES SUS304 stainless steel material manufacture.
  • CE certification. The appearance adopts circular arc design, beautiful and hygienic, and conforms to CE standard.
  • The finished product shape is better because the single screw meat grinder screw speed is high, less compressed raw materials, so the discharge pressure is small.
  • The quickly disassembles. The design is very convenient, can quickly disassemble the whole set of tools.

Grinder tool

Working Principle

The screw rod cuts through the material and transmits it.

meat grinder machine

Then the meat is extruded through the hole in the sieve plate by the pressure transmitted by the screw rod.

meat grinder machine

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