Hydraulic Sausage stuffer – AK2000 sausage filler machine

//Hydraulic Sausage stuffer – AK2000 sausage filler machine
Hydraulic Sausage stuffer – AK2000 sausage filler machine2019-04-12T10:42:46+00:00

Project Description

sausage filling machine

Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer

Its working principle is the use of hydraulic power extrusion raw materials to achieve the purpose of filling, filling precision is well controlled.

External Diameter950*550*1300mm

Sausage casings

Suitable for animal casing, protein casings, plastic casings, etc. If you want a quick knot sausage, it is recommended to use a sausage tying machine.

advantages and features

  • Adopt SUS304 stainless steel;
  • The hydraulic Sausage Stuffer speed can be adjusted;
  • Fully enclosed hydraulic circulation tank, adjustable decompression chamber;
  • Enema pressure adjustable, to avoid the damage in the process of enema casing;
  • Hopper and gland with hinge link, so easy to operate and clean, the body will not hide raw materials;
  • The filling process automatically sucking, compared to the traditional hydraulic sausage machine, reducing the process.

Hydraulic Sausage Filler Video

More detail

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