Frozen meat flaker machine 1000kg/h above

//Frozen meat flaker machine 1000kg/h above
Frozen meat flaker machine 1000kg/h above2019-06-17T15:48:18+00:00

Project Description

Frozen meat planer is mainly used for frozen meat slices

Frozen meat flaker machine Detailed instructions

  1. Product model: 2
  2. Function:Frozen meat slices.Can prevent frozen meat from heating too fast and lead to stale, improve production efficiency;
  3. Types of materials: Frozen meat without bones
  4. The raw material Status: Frozen meat temperature -18~ -3℃ (Usually the temperature of frozen meat storage or freezer is -3~-5℃)
  5. Limit parameter: The raw material specification should not be larger than the Channel size (L*W*H) 650*520*190mm;The thickness of meat slice is controlled by speed. The faster the speed is, the thinner the meat slice is.
  6. Connected devices: The next process is connected with meat grinder and bowl chopper machine

Meat sciler


Speed60 r/min
Capacity2000 kg/h
Channel size650*520*190 mm
Meat temperature-5~-18 ℃


Speed330 r/min
Capacity4000 kg/h
Channel size650*520*190 mm
Meat temperature-5~-18 ℃

Frozen meat flaker advantage

  • The cut meat is adjustable in size and can be directly processed in the next step.
  • Automatic feeding, effectively reduce the working intensity of workers.
  • With automatic protection function, only the cylinder shield and front door can start normally.
  • The speed is adjustable, the stop time and return speed can be adjusted.The feeder can automatically return the material.
  • The blade is made of high quality alloy steel, sharp and durable, double-sided blade can be recycled, reducing equipment maintenance costs.
  • The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, integrated welding, shockproof, low noise.

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