Dicer machine for 500~900kg/h

//Dicer machine for 500~900kg/h
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Project Description

The dicing machine can cut vegetables, frozen meat, fresh meat, etc. Our main customers are used to cut meat.

Dicer machine function

Cut the raw material into small particles without damaging the structure of the raw material.Compared with meat mincer, it can better maintain the original state of raw materials.

meat dicer machine

Product Data

Type: AKQ350, AKQ550

Processing: slightly frozen meat, fresh meat, pig ears, vegetables ( radish, potato)

Types of raw materials: boneless -3~-4 micro frozen meat, fresh meat, vegetables, often used for fat meat, pork belly diced

Material state: easy to cut solid state

Limit range: the smallest can reach 4mm, the largest 30mm. The raw material should not be larger than the cutting groove size;

The length is adjusted by the speed, the slower the cutting speed, the longer the length;

Connected machine: the back end is usually equipped with Bowl cutter and mixer machine

Actual capacity: the efficiency of frozen meat is only 1/3 of the theoretical yield, and the speed of fresh meat is basically up to the theoretical production capacity

meat dicer

AKQ-350 Dicer machine Model

Cut the slot size84*84*350mm
Cutting gate size4~84mm

AKQ-550 Dicer machine Model

Cut the slot size120*120*550mm
Cutting gate size4~120mm

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