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Project Description

meat mincer

Meat grinder machine 120 intro

It can grind unthawed meat directly. As the frozen meat does not need to be thawed, this prevents the loss of nutrients when the ingredients are defrosted, maintains umami and does not damage the muscle fibre tissue of the raw material.

It can also process fresh meat, is the best-selling industrial meat grinder, its efficiency (average 500~800kg/h) can meet the production needs of most factories. It can process raw materials into the smallest 2mm granules. The size of meat granules is controlled by the aperture of the sieve plate

When ground meat of frozen meat do not want to put material at a draught overmuch, such ability won’t cause meat-stuff to heat up, avoid to the agglutinate sex of the meat and colour and lustre produce an undesirable effect.

Video – meat mincer working principle

How it works

The screw rod pushes the raw material to the pre-cutting plate and cuts it into small pieces.

meat grinder machine

and then push the raw material into the sieve plate and processed into small particles through extrusion.

Mince, discharging

The finished product

Meat grinder 120 parameters

meat grinder parts

Sieve plate hole: φ4、φ6、φ8、φ10、φ12、φ16、φ25、φ30

Production capacity: 1T/h

Motor power: 7.5kw

Host size: 910×560×1090

Weight: 350Kg

Spindle speed: 260r/min

Meat temperature: – 4 ℃ – 12 ℃ (fresh meat no temperature)

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