AK3200 Sausage Filler – Vacuum filling machine

//AK3200 Sausage Filler – Vacuum filling machine
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Project Description

sausage filler

Sausage Filler AK 3200 Intro

This is a hot – selling model, is the most complete function and the most cost-effective one of the products. It has high-quality vacuum filling capacity and 3200kg/h filling power, plus the stable servo motor can ensure the accuracy and quality of the machine.

It can fill various sausages, ham sausages and hamburger patties. Suitable for filling raw materials with the diameter less than 30mm and the vacuum degree can reach -0.1pma.

Can process protein casing, plastic casing, and animal casing sausage.

Sausage Filler Video

This is the video that we took when we were doing the AK3200 filling machine test, and it reflects from every Angle how the machine works. It mainly reflects the precision of the machine and the function of automatic cleaning of residual materials. The address is at our machinery factory

Other ways of using AK3200 filling machine

sausage filling machine + tying machine

sausage filling machine + tying machine

Vacuum sausage filler advantages and features

  1. Automatic weight control range from 5 to 99999g, the normal fluid-like raw material error does not exceed 2g (500g), block products (maximum diameter less than 30mm) does not exceed 5g (500g).
  2. The Filling machine is very easy to clean both inside and outside can be washed directly with high-quality pressure water gun.
  3. The filler can be equipped with automatic linker device, which can automatically twist natural casing, protein casing, and complex membrane sausage casing.
  4. Filling under vacuum, reduce the amount of bacteria survival, air bubbles, as well as avoid raw material proteolysis, so as to maximize the sausage colour, taste, shelf life and other aspects of the quality may be the best. Inside with waterproof, anti-mouse, anti – cockroach and other human structure.
  5. The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel. Motor, reducer, vacuum pump, electrical components and etc. adopt the most stable brand in the world to ensure the quality of equipment.
  6. Important parts are manufactured in excess of the industry’s highest standards to ensure the accuracy and stability of the guide machine.
  7. The operation of your machine is very simple, because you can set it directly on the touch screen, just as convenient as using a mobile phone. The guide surface is sandblasted, which is more convenient for cleaning and has a beautiful appearance. The filling speed is 0~500 knots/min, it can take length control device to make sausage with uniform length.
  8. Filling pump body, impeller, blade are using special heat treatment, the surface is certainly extremely smooth, wear resistance, and easy to replace, to guarantee the accuracy of the machine.

Filler parameter

AK 3200 filling machine is no knotting function, AK3200N has a knot function

Volume220 L220 L
Vacuum-0.1 MPa-0.1 MPa
Weight520kg550 kg
External Diameter1160*860*1700mm1360*860*1700mm

Accuracy:meat paste ±2g/500g, diced products (Diameter less than 30mm) ±5g/500g

Vacuum Filling Pump

This is the detail picture of the filling pump and the detail picture of the inlet with the wringer

filling pump 2 filling pump AK3200N sausag filling

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