AK3000 Vacuum sausage filling machine

//AK3000 Vacuum sausage filling machine
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Project Description

sausage filling machine

Vacuum sausage filling machine

This machine is customized, which adds the function of automatic lifting arm on the basis of AK2500 sausage filling machine.  The others are basically the same as the AK2500 sausage filler.

Due to the need for customized products, its production cycle will be relatively long, we recommend the AK3200 sausage filling machine. AK3200 filler is more capable in all aspects.

Vacuum-0.1 MPa
Volume220 L
External Diameter1050*950*2030mm

Weight control range from 5 to 99999g, the normal fluid-like raw material error does not exceed 2g (500g), block products (maximum diameter less than 30mm) does not exceed 5g (500g).

vacuum system

The vacuum system is mainly composed of: vacuum pump, filling valve, digital vacuum detector (meter), vacuum pipe, vacuum storage tank, etc. The main purpose of the system is to vacuum feed and remove some bubbles in the material

Vacuum sausage filling machine advantages and features

Simple operation, just like the phone screen operation.

Made of SUS304 stainless steel. The surface is sandblasted, which is more convenient for cleaning and has a beautiful appearance.

Filling under vacuum , reduce the amount of bacteria survival, air bubbles, and avoid raw material proteolysis, so as to maximize the sausage colour, taste, shelf life and other aspects of the quality can be the best.

more info: sausage stuffer catalogue

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