AK200 Semi-automatic sausage tying machine

//AK200 Semi-automatic sausage tying machine
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Project Description

AK200 Semi-automatic sausage tying machine, It is designed for use on very short casings (less than 2 meters in length). The fully automatic tying machine is better.


AdvantageAK200 Semi-automatic sausage tying machine

  1. Super-saturated sausages don’t break easily;
  2. Simple structure, not easy to damage;
  3. Suitable for animal casings, protein casings, plastic casings and other casings
  4. Save casing. The average sausage can save 500 meters per ton. The formula is meters of casing saved per ton = 10,000 * length saved per sausage (usually 2cm)/weight (g).
  5. It would be better to use this machine for some fragile casing


Power:     1.2kw
Voltage:  380V or customize
Speed:    actual operation 90knot/min
Weight:  145kg
Dimension: 900*590*1010mm
Sausage diameter:9~45mm

Sausage tying samples

protein sausage sausageafter cutting animal casing sausage

The thread above the sausage can be used to cut the sausage, so don’t worry about causing trouble, it will make production easier.
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