meat dicer machine


Dicer could process various kinds of raw material. With cut, slice functions. Adopted PLC program control, convenient operation, reasonable design, adjustable knife speed and auto pre-compression system. No need to [...]

Sausage tractor


1, the machine is mainly used to solve the uniformity of sausage problems, traction a variety of intestinal products, can adapt to collagen, composite film, natural and other casings. [...]

Sausage clipper


Used for the sealing process of ham sausage, the machine has high degree of automation and strong structure, and it is the main equipment for producing ham sausage. This [...]

Meat mixer AKJB650


◇ The whole machine adopts SUS304 that is compliance with HACCP standard. ◇ TOptional Computerized Auto Control.99 recipes can be stored.Temparature display. ◇ TDouble shaft fan-shape propeller.Good mixing and [...]