sausage tying machine video

//sausage tying machine video

sausage tying machine YouTube video


1. Spare Video – protein casings sausage process AK800香肠扎线机

2. Spare Video – animal casings sausage process AK400香肠扎线机

3. Spare Video – Semi-automatic tying machine AK200香肠扎线机


There are three types of sausage cable tying machine: AK800 automatic sausage knotting machine, AK400 automatic sausage tying machine, AK200 semi-automatic sausage knotting machine.

Sausage tying machines are popular for saving casings and producing high productivity. It is China’s most competitive meat processing machine in the world.

The efficiency is that the other equipment is more than three times that of other equipment. The cost of casing savings is extremely exaggerated. According to the output per ton per day, the cost of casing savings per year is enough to buy one new sausae tying machine.

Its investment cost is only 1/3 of other equivalent equipment  with higher stability and better effect.

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