Sausage peeler machine video

//Sausage peeler machine video

Sausage peeler YouTube video


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With the diversification of sausage processing, the production of peeled sausage using cellulose casing is more and more recognized and welcomed by manufacturers.

To meet this demand, our company developed and manufactured sausage peeling machine.

The speed of this machine is up to 3m/ s, and there are two ways of “steam peeling” and “soak peeling”, to facilitate the manufacturers who do not have steam conditions.The blades are specially designed for longer life and higher cutting efficiency.

Stable operation and low failure rate are the other advantages of this machine.We offer this machine an unconditional one-year warranty.

Matters needing attention

  1. The peeling machine USES 380V ac power supply. Please replace the waterproof connector according to your factory’s requirements before use.
  2. Do not open the protective cover when the peeler machine is running.
  3. After using it for a period of time, please clean the vacuum chamber, as shown in the figure on the right.
  4. Please clean the control panel by scrubbing.
  5. Do not flush directly with water, the rest can be washed.
  6. Lubrication should be carried out after each shift of production, not before production.

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