Vacuum sausage filling machine video

//Vacuum sausage filling machine video

1. AK6200N — Watch on YouTube


2. AK3200N -Watch on YouTube


1. Spare Video Protein casing sausage – 真空灌装机 蛋白肠衣

2. Spare Video – AK3200 真空灌装机

3. Spare Video  Animal casing  – AK6200真空灌装机 动物肠衣


There are two vacuum filling machines, the AK6200 vacuum filling machine and the AK3200 filling machine. The AK6200 filling machine is made with reference to the highest international quality standards and usage standards. It is the filling machine with the highest precision and the strongest vacuum capacity.

The AK3200 filling machine is a vacuum filling machine with a small size and strong performance. It is made of the servo motor, which makes the machine’s performance and precision extremely excellent.

Both devices are suitable for animal casings, protein casings, and plastic casings.

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