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//Meat mixer machine video

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Meat mixer is designed as a parallel double-shaft structure with inclined blade, which can make the material do positive and negative circular motion at the same time in the process of turning, so that the material can be quickly stirred evenly.
In the vacuum state, the product raw materials and auxiliary materials can be mixed evenly, reducing the air bubbles in the materials and extending the shelf life. To increase the elasticity and taste of the product, the added seasoning is absorbed evenly, so as to keep the characteristics of the material such as loose, fresh and tender. This equipment can be used to mix the filling, powder and sauce materials.

The total working time and the vacuum (the limit of vacuum is -0.1MPa) of the mixer can be set according to the process requirements of the product. The opening and closing of the box cover adopts air cylinder operation, which can be realized only by rotating the knob. The operation is simple and convenient. The opening and closing of the discharge door can be realized by turning the handle to facilitate the discharge. Box volume can be customized according to the requirements, vacuum or no vacuum configuration optional.

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