Industrial meat grinder machine video

//Industrial meat grinder machine video

Meat grinder YouTube video


Spare video – 绞肉机


Frozen meat grinder is designed for – 18 ℃ ~ 0 ℃ below standard and elaborately developed special machine. 

It can directly cut the unthawed meat, reduce the loss of the nutrition and protein of the meat, do not damage the muscle fiber tissue, no obvious heating of the product, prolong the shelf life of the product, and produce different meat mince and meat block products with hole knife.

Because need not defrost, so maintained nutrition and meat umami.

How it works

A rotating bar is used to push the ingredients toward the entrance, and the combination of the blade on the rotating bar and the hole in the entrance will produce a shear effect to cut the meat.

The constant rotation of the screw rod will continue to push the raw materials, thus extruding the mincer outside the screen plate.The size of the meat granules is controlled by the aperture of the sieve plate, which can be adjusted according to different aperture, with a minimum of 2mm.

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