Industrial meat dicer machine video

//Industrial meat dicer machine video

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meat dicer with reference to the international advanced design and manufacture, this machine has a reasonable structure. It can achieve precise and accurate “ding”, “silk” and “piece”, and high efficiency.

The slicer is an important equipment in the production process of meat products.Cut meat, fat and other main ingredients into pieces

Users need the meat, adjust the size of the grille can cut meat, meat slices.The size of the meat is determined by the number of blades in the grille.Zjts-350 and zjts-550 are suitable for large, medium and small meat processing plants, and special process requirements can be formulated according to the requirements of users.

The cutting machine produced by our factory is compact in structure, safe and practical, convenient in maintenance and cleaning, flexible in assembly, and has the following advantages:

  1. Good safety and protective performance. The rotary cutting knife of the front door stops immediately after opening
  2. Easy to assemble and disassemble the grille and large cutting knife. Remove all the grille without tools, which is convenient for cleaning and replacing.
  3. The pressure measuring mechanism can increase the amount of meat for one cut and help the pre-pressure to reach the set value and improve the production efficiency.
  4. The design of shifting fork structure improves the cutting quality, reduces noise and reduces mechanical failure rate.
  5. Adjust the pre-pressure knob to ensure the product is consistent in the cutting process.
  6. The meat can be fed step by step to minimize the extrusion of the product during cutting.
  7. Change the number of blades in the blade grid to cut meat cubes of different sizes, easy to assemble.
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