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//Bowl cutter machine video

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Bowl cutter can cut,mix and emulsify the row meat material under vacuum state, preventing Myo- red protein, fat and other nutrition from being damaged and oxidated, maximumly maintained the original color, scent, taste and all kinds of nutrition ingredients. Increased the meat’s density and flexibility through cutting.

The machine was featured with high rotation speed of knife shaft, big power, good cutting and emulsifying effect, larger disposal scale. This machine can not only cut and emulsify all kinds of meat, but also can cut and emulsify meat skin, muscle, crude fiber and composite collagen.

Adopted advanced controlling technology; reliable and safe, easy to repair; with fine displaying function. Its motor was featured with large rotation distance, high heat-durable level, good overload effect; especially suitable to be used with frequent start.

The machine increased output efficiency, reduced air ball, improved flexibility and density, fully charged protein, fully mixed materials with water, achieved high emulsification effect and maintained good quality.

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