Meat processing solutions

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Sausage making solutions

  • Ham sausage
  • Chicken meat sausage
  • Pork meat sausage
  • Beef meat sausage
  • Fish meat sausage
  • Horse meat sausage
  • Mutton meat sausage
  • Rabbit meat sausage

Meat processing solutions

  • Hambacom
  • Burgers
  • Seafood
  • Meatball

The other solutions

  • Customized automatic packaging production line

Different production solutions

A. 100Kg/Day     B. 250Kg/day    C. 500Kg/day    D. 1000Kg/day    E. 2000kg/day    F. 3000kg/day   G.5000kg/day   H. 10 000 Kg/day and more