Why do sausages need vacuum filling?

//Why do sausages need vacuum filling?

After the chopper, the mixture is vacuumed into natural or artificial casing.The two most important purposes of sausage filling are to achieve dispensing accuracy and to remove air sacs from the product.The mixture from the feeder is supplied through the nozzle by the piston pump.

While some foreign sausage enemers can produce up to 720 sausages per minute and have precise amounts, China has a more efficient machine with 2,400 sausages per minute.Vacuum enemas on the market can cover portions as small as 5 grams.

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Extract air from the product to enhance the color stability and visual effect of the sausage.It also reduces fat oxidation and bacterial interactions and prevents proteolysis.Therefore, a longer shelf life can be achieved through vacuum filling.

Depending on the requirements of the producer, sausage can be enema for soft, compact and compact consistency.

Achieving good product size and speed is the key requirement for selecting vacuum filler.Filling size and weight is one of the parameters to be controlled, monitored and recorded at this time.Modern systems now use collagen-based dough for powder co-extrusion.

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