Meaning of meat products processing

//Meaning of meat products processing

The process of rough or fine processing of raw meat is meat processingAfter processing, kill all kinds of microorganisms contaminated in raw meat to ensure food hygiene and improve food safety;

Destroy or inhibit the activity of enzymes, thus extending the storage period of meat products, improving the commodity performance of fresh livestock and poultry products, and facilitating storage, transportation and sales;Improve flavor, improve the structure of the organization, so as to improve the color, aroma, taste, shape and taste of meat products;

To improve the nutritional value of meat products by adding nutrients and making up for some nutritional deficiencies of raw meat;Increase the variety of meat products to meet consumer demand;Improve the dietary structure of the Chinese people, improve people’s life and health;To promote the value added transformation of meat products, promote the development of animal husbandry to the direction of quality and efficiency, and promote the development of rural economy.

Therefore, it is of great significance to develop meat processing industry and produce multi-functional meat products with high nutrition and low cost to promote human health and enhance people’s health.

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