Introduction of bone tissue and its processing equipment

//Introduction of bone tissue and its processing equipment

Bone tissue is a secondary component of meat, with low edible and commercial value.The amount of bone in adult animals is relatively constant and varies little.Pig bones accounted for 5%~9% of the carcass, cattle 15%~20%, sheep 8%~17%, rabbits 12%~15% and chickens 8%~17%.

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Bone is made up of periosteum, bone, and bone marrow. Periosteum is a layer of connective tissue that surrounds the surface of bone, including nerves and blood vessels.Bone can be divided into dense bone and cancellous bone according to the density of the structure. The outer layer of bone is relatively dense and hard, while the inner layer is relatively loose and porous.According to shape, it is divided into tubular bone and flat bone, with thick tubular bone and thin flat bone.The lumen of the tubular bone and the porosity of the cancellous layer of other bones are filled with bone marrow.Bone marrow shares marrow and yellow bone marrow.Red bone marrow contains many blood vessels and cells, and is a hematopoietic organ.Yellow bone marrow is mainly lipid, which is abundant in adult animals.The chemical composition of bone, water about 40%~50%, collagen about 20%~30%, inorganic matter about 20%.Inorganic components are mainly calcium and phosphorus.

Bone powder can be made from crushed bones, which can be used as feed additives, and bone oil and glue can be boiled.Bone mastic is a good additive in meat products and can be used in other foods to strengthen calcium and phosphorus.Of course, some manufacturers use bone mashing machines to make meat paste from bones as raw materials for sausages.

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