How to control the moisture content of sausage

//How to control the moisture content of sausage

How to control the moisture content of sausage?

meat dicer machine

  1. Meat grinder.It destroys the connective tissue of the meat and improves water retention.
  2. Bowl Chopping machine.It can chop mix, emulsify, greatly improve water retention.
  3. Dicing machine.Do not destroy the structure of raw meat, air-dried sausage without adding water retention are selected instead of meat mincing machine.

Air drying, baking, and drying all reduce moisture content. Vacuum packing and refrigeration reduce moisture loss.

Meat is composed mostly of water and can be thought of as a complex colloidal dispersion system.Water is a capacitive and other components are solutes dispersed in different forms in the solvent.

Water is unevenly distributed throughout the body, about 70% to 80% in the muscles, 60% to 70% in the skin, and 12% to 15% in the bones.The moisture content and the existing state of meat affect the quality and storage of meat.Water content and meat storage is a function of the relationship, water is easy to cause bacteria, mold propagation, meat corruption, meat dehydration and shrinkage not only makes the meat weightless and affects the color, flavor and tissue state of meat, and cause oxidation of fat.

So we need to choose the right sausage making machine according to the characteristics of meat.

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