Basic requirements of cooking process in sausage production

//Basic requirements of cooking process in sausage production

In the west, cooked sausages have become a relative alternative to the traditional English breakfast sausage.Given the convenience of sandwiches and meal preparation sections, such products are becoming increasingly popular, not to mention in China, where cooked sausages predominate, so sausages.

sausage smoking

The design of the cooking line will take into account the physical barriers between low-risk areas and high-risk areas to avoid cross contamination.Some producers use cooking lines to form the required boundaries.

Various cooking methods and procedures are now used for sausage cooking.Using steam, smoking, drying or all combinations and deep frying in an oven is one of the methods used.No matter which method is adopted, there should be common characteristics and capabilities to achieve environmental and product core temperature requirements.Efficient cooking requires standardized procedures based on cooking temperature, product size, and residence time.For example, 100 grams of sausage can be boiled to the core temperature of 85 ° C to 95 ° C in 6 minutes at oil temperature of 160 ° C.It is important to note that factors such as microbial spoilage in cooked sausages depend on the initial microbial count, the level of preservatives and the temperature at which they are cooked and stored.

Minor post-processing and storage abuses may exacerbate microbial spoilage of products (in addition to their inherent security risks)

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