Basic guidelines for smoked sausages

//Basic guidelines for smoked sausages

It is a common practice to use fumigation methods, whether natural or liquid, to achieve desired flavor, color, antimicrobial, antioxidant and preservative effects.In sausage making, natural smoke comes from wood (beech, oak, pecan, juniper, etc.) to give the sausage its unique flavor.Liquid smoke is known to contain hundreds of compounds.Hansen(2000) divided important smoking compounds into three major groups, namely phenol, carbonyl group and acid, most of which are in the gas phase.He further highlighted four ways to achieve a unified smog:

1. Ensure the smoke application system works normally.

2. Make sure the product surface is uniform before use.

3, make sure the surface has moisture or lack of moisture, this is the most important.

4. Paint immediately after smoking to prevent the appearance of mottled, striped surfaces.

The smoke of sausage is an important operation of sausage processing. The quality of smoke directly determines whether the color, aroma and taste of sausage can reach the extreme. It is recommended to use high-end smoke house.

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