Shandong qihui food Co. LTD have cooperated with us for ten years

//Shandong qihui food Co. LTD have cooperated with us for ten years

Shandong Qihui food Co., ltd. is a meat processing based food enterprises, the company is located in linyi city, shandong province, the company was founded in 2009, fixed assets 166 million yuan, more than 600 employees.At present, the main products are high temperature meat products, low temperature meat products, sauce and brine meat products, prepared meat products and hotel food materials, etc. More than 100 varieties, products sold throughout the country.

Qihui boss

As a famous listed company, shandong qihui food co., ltd. USES our complete set of meat production equipment and automatic packaging machines, some of which are German equipment.Over the years, we have supported each other and developed together.

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Foshan Aokai machinery technology co., LTD (Simplified name:A.K Machine) works with all the major listed meat companies in China, Can provide you with the perfect meat processing solution.

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