Jin Luo group purchased our sausage machine

//Jin Luo group purchased our sausage machine

Jin Luo group purchased our Meat grinder ,Bowl cutter,  meat mixer,sausage stuffer machine, sausage tying machine and sausage cutting machine.

Jin luo

Linyi xincheng jinluo meat products group co., ltd. is a large comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in pig slaughtering and chilled meat production and processing. It is a key leading enterprise in China’s agricultural industrialization.

The company was founded in 1994, with production bases in shandong, heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, sichuan and other major pig, chicken slaughter and cold meat production and processing lines, is the national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises.At present, the group has formed an annual slaughtering and processing of 20 million pigs, 200 million chickens, annual production capacity of fresh meat and frozen products such as 3 million tons.

JinLuo Gruop: http://www.jinluo.com.cn/

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