Advantages and disadvantages of sausage tying machine

//Advantages and disadvantages of sausage tying machine

Automatic sausage tying machine has been popular throughout China with its cost saving, high efficiency and high cost performance.

sausage tying machine


1. Save casing.With the method of tying wires, there is no waste of extra casings between intestinal bodies, which greatly saves the production cost.

2. High efficiency.Three wire tying machines can replace the original three production lines, greatly reducing the investment cost.

3. Less labor, faster bowel cutting, less investment and many other advantages.

Although automatic sausage tying machine is excellent, why some manufacturers are reluctant to use it?This is about the shortage of sausage wire tying machine.


1. The output is too large for small workshops to use (need more than 2000kg a day).

2. Unmanned pole hanging machine has not been launched in the market, so it is necessary to realize the unmanned workshop configuration of wire tying machine.

3. Casings should not be too short, and need more than 2 meters of casings, otherwise the effect of full automation is not ideal

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